Maintaining your planted aquarium

Maintaining your planted aquarium

Daily Maintenance

1. Dose fertilizers & liquid carbon. Missing your daily dose of liquid carbon will mean your plants are not getting a consistent supply of carbon. Fluctuating levels can lead to algae problems.

2. Remove any dead or decaying leaves. Their breakdown will promote algae growth.

3. Check your water temperature. Any faults with your heater could mean your temperature drops which could harm fish & plants, especially in the winter.

4. Clean aquarium glass and top up water levels if required.

Weekly Maintenance

1. Conduct a water change of a minimum 30% each week. This prevents the build up of organic waste which algae thrive on. During the first 2-4 weeks you should be changing the water more often until your tank matures. 2-3 times per week will help reduce the risk of algae outbreaks during the most fragile stages in the life of your aquarium. Your tank will mature over time and only then should you reduce the frequency of water changes each week.

2. Check your aquarium equipment is working properly (heater, filter, light timer, CO2 equipment etc.). Any faults can disrupt the stability of your planted aquarium. 

3. Clean glass, hardscape and plant leaves. If you are encountering a large build up of algae, seriously consider reducing your lighting, reviewing your CO2 levels and increasing the amount of water changes. Cleaning algae out of the tank is only a short term solution, stopping the cause of algae is a long term solution.

4. Trim your plants using your plant scissors. It is important to trim regularly to encourage desired growth and to ensure plants do not grow out of control. It is also your chance to be creative and nurture a planted aquarium to be proud of! Re-plant any cuttings by removing lower leaves, snipping the roots and replanting into your substrate. 

Monthly Maintenance

1. Clean out your filters. Give your filter media a good clean, it is often best to do this in aquarium water you have taken out from a water change. Cleaning your filter will remove organic waste that has built up over time in your filter. Do not worry about killing the beneficial bacteria that's in your filter, there will still be plenty left to deal with your tanks natural eco-system.

2. Clean pipes, lily pipes and any other equipment inside/outside your tank. Presentation is everything!