Cryptocoryne Wendtii Red – Easy Aquarium Plant

0.13 lb

Cryptocoryne wendtii, a polymorphous (variable) species found only on the island of Sri Lanka, is one of the most popular and widely kept aquarium plants. The ease of culture of C. wendtii and its luxuriant foliage have earned it a well-deserved place in the hobby both in the aquarium and in emersed culture. Several varieties exist, all being united into one species by the purple collared, twisted limb of the spathe of the spadix inflorescence. The ‘Red’ form is one of the hardiest, most variable, and most popular forms of C. wendtii. C. wendtii ‘Red’ is an extremely variable plant and can be used in any location in the aquarium as lighting and nutrition allow. This plant responds greatly to lighting, showing a growth habit that is highly dependent on light intensity. Under intense lighting the plant will grow almost completely decumbent. In aquaria with moderate lighting, it grows significantly taller. Along with its hardiness, this color form of C. wendtii is known to be the largest of its species and commonly reaches heights of 12-18 inches in the aquarium

  • Excellent plant for beginners and experienced aquarists alike
  • Gives your aquarium a natural planted look. Great for planting in the midground or foreground
  • Fish will love this plant and some species will use them to lay eggs
  • Can provide hiding places for fry and invertebrates
  • Does not need special or high-intensity lighting and can be kept in any freshwater aquarium.