Amazon Sword – Echinodorus Bleheri – Easy Aquatic Plant

0.06 lb

Amazon Sword is a very popular aquatic plant among the freshwater hobbyists due to its hardiness and gorgeous green coloration. It is native to Brazil and in nature it occurs in lakes, river, swamps and wet ground of the Amazon basin where it is found growing submersed in 50 to 100 cm deep stagnant to slow-flowing water. At present, it is now widely cultivated on farms around the world. This plant can be placed in the midground or background, depending on its height. It can grow partially submersed condition and makes it a good addition to terrariums as well as the traditional planted tank. It is easy to grow and it produces lush green foliage that looks quite attractive in the aquarium.

  • Excellent plant for beginners and experienced aquarists alike
  • Gives your aquarium a natural planted look. Great for planting in the midground
  • Fish will love this plant and some species will use them to lay eggs
  • Can provide hiding places for fry and invertebrates
  • This plant can grow tall under ideal water conditions