Moneywort Bunch with 6+ Stems – Live Aquarium Plants

0.09 lb

Moneywort is a popular stem plant that grows quickly and has exceptionally bright green leaves. Moneywort can thrive even in poorly lit aquariums. In the right conditions, it is a very aggressive grower, meaning it provides excellent waste removal from the water column. You get 1 bunch with  6 or more stems that are 6 to 12 inches in length, making this a great midground-background plant.

  • Excellent plant for beginners and experienced aquarists alike
  • Gives your aquarium a natural planted look. Great for planting in the midground
  • Fish will love this plant and some species will use them to lay eggs
  • Can provide hiding places for fry and invertebrates
  • Does not need special or high-intensity lighting; can be kept in any freshwater aquarium