Water Hyacinth - Floating Live Pond Plants

0.06 lb

Water Hyacinth are great biofilters. Their long roots provide a hiding place for smaller pond inhabitants. They grow extremely fast, specially with lots of sun exposure. Your fish will love them. They will appreciate the shade, shelter, and food provided. They are 100% chemical free, fish and shrimp safe, and grown in nurseries not harvested from the wild.

Please note these plants ship with trimmed roots as sometimes they tend to fall off during transit due to heat. In case roots fall off upon receiving them, just place them in your pond and give them couple of weeks so they can re-establish themselves. If you live in areas experiencing above 90 temperatures, please make sure these plants are retrieved as soon as possible as extreme heat could kill these plants while in a box. Lastly, these plants can not ship to: AL,AR,AZ,FL,LA,PR,MS,NE,SC,TX,WI