Cichlid Live Aquarium Plants Bundle

0.37 lb

Cichlids are fish that normally like to eat, tear or dig up plants and as such, the great majority of aquatic plants are not suitable for that. However, there are a few species that will be ok in an aquarium with cichlids. We created this bundle with African and South American cichlids in mind.The plants in this package are all truly aquatic plants that will enhance the biological ecosystem in your aquarium and make your cichlids happy too! Live aquarium plants helps maintain higher water quality by binding organic waste. Aquarium plants will convert carbon dioxide into oxygen which makes for a healthier environment for your aquarium inhabitants. In addition, aquarium plants will help to prevent excessive algae growth by competing with algae for nutrients. The vast majority fish of species natural habitats’ include aquatic plants. They will therefore feel more at home in a planted aquarium. Fish that like their environment are less prone to illness and more prone to be active, display vivid colors and spawn. Additionally, keeping aquarium plants can reduce stress in several ways for your fish. Establishment of territories can decrease the amount of fighting among fish by forming many small territories instead of one big one in the aquarium. Live plants also provide weaker or less aggressive fish suitable hiding spots where they can avoid being bullied. ——————————————————— The plants shown on the pictures are from our inventory and you will be getting the plants exactly as pictured. You will be getting Anubias Barteri, Anubias Nanji, Java Fern, Amazon Sword, Kleiner Sword and Vallisneria


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