Dwarf Onion Plant – Tall Background Aquarium Plant

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The Dwarf Onion Plant (Zephyranthes candida) is a bulb plant is similar in appearance to a garden variety scallion. The plant is very hardy, and tolerates a wide variety of water conditions. The grass-like leaves grow from a small onion-like bulb and look best planted in a group. When planting, leave at least one third to one half of the bulb uncovered.

  • Despite its name, leaves are approximately 16 inches to 24 inches tall
  • Gives your tank a natural look. Ideal for taller tanks
  • Grown in California without chemicals or pesticides. Safe for shrimp, snails, fish, etc.
  • Does not require CO2. Reproduces through runners
  • Only pant the root not the Onion-like bulb as this will damage the plant