Jungle Vallisneria Bunch Plants Bare Root – Tall Plants for Backgrounds

0.13 lb

Jungle Vallisneria has long, narrow green leaves that can grow up to 3 feet in length. It can grow in a variety of water conditions, including both soft and hard water, and can tolerate a wide range of temperatures.

To care for Jungle Vallisneria in your aquarium, it is important to provide it with a nutrient-rich substrate and moderate to high lighting. The plant should be planted in the substrate with the roots buried, but the crown of the plant should be left above the substrate.

Jungle Vallisneria can be propagated by runners, which are new shoots that grow out from the base of the plant. These runners can be left to grow into new plants or cut and replanted elsewhere in the aquarium. Regular pruning can help to keep the plant looking neat and healthy.


    • This plant will help cover the background of your tank, giving it a natural planted look
    • Fish will love this plant and some species will use them to lay eggs
    • Can provide hiding places for fry and invertebrates
    • This plant will spread through runners and grow as high as the water level under ideal conditions
    • Excellent plant for beginners and experienced aquarists alike