Water Lettuce - Easy Live Pond Floating Plant

0.06 lb
Water lettuce provides a floating rosette of attractive foliage that resembles lettuce. The plants float in ponds and water features, forming dense clumps of leaves. The leaves remain dry while the long roots dangle freely in the water. The plants shade the water and the floating roots leach nutrients from the pond. Water lettuce grows naturally as a tropical perennial. In colder climates, grow the plant as an annual or bring it indoors to overwinter. Your fish will love them. They will appreciate the shade, shelter, and food provided. Increases oxygen in the water. They grow extremely fast, especially with lots of sun exposure. They are 100% chemical free and are fish safe. These plants prefer calm waters. Place them away from waterfalls or water currents or they can perish. Koi fish will eat these plants so if you are not planning to feed your fish with this plant do not buy.