Water Lily Rhizome Bundle – 4 Hardy Lilies Tubers in White, Red, Yellow, Pink

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Hardy water lilies (Nymphaea spp.) are a popular aquatic plant for backyard ponds. They are typically sold as rhizomes, which are the thick, fleshy root structures that store energy for the plant. Here are some things to keep in mind if you're considering adding hardy water lily rhizomes to your pond:

  1. Growing conditions: Hardy water lilies prefer still or slow-moving water with plenty of sunlight. They can tolerate a wide range of water depths, but most varieties prefer a depth of 12-24 inches. It's important to plant them in a pot or container filled with aquatic planting soil to provide them with the necessary nutrients.

  2. Growth habit: Hardy water lilies are perennials, which means they will die back in the winter and regrow in the spring. They will continue to spread and grow over time, so it's important to monitor their growth and thin them out as needed to prevent them from taking over the pond.

  3. Flowering: Hardy water lilies are known for their beautiful flowers, which can come in a variety of colors. They typically bloom from late spring to early fall and will produce more blooms as they mature.

  4. Winter care: Hardy water lilies are able to survive cold temperatures, but they will need some winter care in areas with harsh winters. You can either move the potted lily to a deeper part of the pond where the water is less likely to freeze, or you can store the pot in a cool, dark place and replant it in the spring.

Overall, hardy water lilies can be a beautiful and rewarding addition to a backyard pond. Just be sure to provide them with the right growing conditions and monitor their growth to prevent them from taking over the pond.

Our Hardy Water Lilies Rhizomes are extremely easy to grow to maturity in ponds or deck and patio containers. Important things to remember: Place the tubers at a 45° angle with the non-growing end against the side of the pot and the crown(where the leaves come out) towards the middle of the pot. Add fertilizer for water lilies. Lilies are heavy feeders and should be fertilized regularly. Press the soil around the roots, being careful not to cover the crown of the plant. They should be placed at a water depth of 6" to 12". When placing lilies in the pond, position them away from waterfalls and fountains as they prefer still water.